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When Vange Tapia hosted travel videos for the travel channel online of Brand USA / « Visit the USA » (formerly Discover America) all international hosts that travelled for the program were requested to write their own scripts and travel anecdotes.
Most of the time they also had to help in the production of the videos on location.

They were doing more than one profession.
They became « Slashers ». (Actors / Producers/ Writers / Hosts).

In 2014, Vange came across with the idea to create a Co-Op with fellow Actors/Hosts. She will wait to launch it until it had a better structure. Until then, she kept it to herself.
Due to constant travelling and following activities, the collective did not occurred until 2017, where Vange took a dozen of filmmakers to the first edition of the Baja California International Film Festival where she also hosted the first panel « Actors Creating Their Own Opportunities » and connected other fellow filmmakers. She just needed a name; two came after. She then founded « Actors Slash » & « Connecting Slashers ».
Now, Vange had produced and hosted more than a dozen of events that have helped fellow creators showcase their wok and has introduced them with other fellow creative minds that have resulted in collaboration among each other.

Actors Slash (Actors /) – Connects, Promotes + Supports Diverse International Actors who Create their own opportunities by producing, directing, writing content .

Recognizes and connects International creatives in the entertainment industry in order to support and to produce content together.

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